Food-ducation! #1

Okay so I’m just trying something out here. A little post here and there about some food/drinks that I think are significant enough to share (isn’t it all though? :P)

So summer is what’s up right now and in India, it’s usually quite brutal. Global warming has resulted in a steady rise of temperatures in summers over the last few years and we Indians have some tricks to help cope that have stood the test of time!

Summer brings with it a great Indian treasure — MANGOES! The king of fruits holds a gold standard in the hearts of Indians and is only available during the months of summer. It probably is the only reason why we would think to look forward to summer! India produces multiple (and I mean that!) varieties of the fruit and each has a special recipe attached to it usually.

So now getting to it, raw mangoes play a special role in summer cos they somehow just make you feel insanely fresh! Raw mangoes are green on the outside with a white, super-sour flesh on the inside. As a fruit it’s typically sliced and eaten with some salt and red chilli powder and it is an absolute explosion of flavours in your mouth!

Raw mango (kairi) with salt and red chilli powder

But my absolute favourite thing to do with raw mangoes or kairi is to make a special summer drink called “Aam Panna”. It is THE drink to help cool you down in the harsh Indian summers and is absolutely delicious and fruity!

It is simply made by stewing some raw mangoes with sugar and saffron and blending the stewed mixture which becomes your concentrate. Then you just add water and a pinch of salt and your life is better! The concentrate keeps in the refrigerator for up to a week or ten days. It is my go-to summer drink and is usually made in most Indian households during the 3 months as a staple. Try it out!

A glass of ice-cold Aam Panna


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