I am a crazy foodie. When you go through pictures from any of my vacations, you will notice that about 75% of the pictures are of the food I ate along the way. It’s just who I am and I make no apologies for it. 

Food is one of the biggest influences of my life and definitely in my travels. But there’s something more to it, I think. It’s that most of the times, when I see a picture of something I ate when I travelled to a certain place, there’s often a memory attached to it.


Take this picture. It’s a simple apple strudel, the most German of desserts and one my absolute favourites! When I look at this, I think of the time I took off for 3 days to Tübingen, Germany last year. It was amidst an extremely stressful week at work and the small vacation could not have come at a better time. I spent those days wandering about town, along the beautiful winding, cobblestoned streets, strolling through the small open-air markets, drinking hot chocolate because it was 4 degrees, and going for morning walks in the cold which ended in fresh baked German bread and steaming cups of coffee! I remember looking at this beautiful dessert and thinking, there couldn’t have been a better ending to that weekend. So you see, it’s not JUST a picture of food! 

This Nutella crépe reminds me of my day in Stuttgart when it was freeeezing and I wanted something warm to eat! I basically strung together the few basic German words I knew then to talk to the sweet lady making the crépes on the cart. She was so happy she said “I give you an extra spoonful of Nutella! But don’t tell anyone! 😉 ”  I mean, an extra spoonful of Nutella just about makes you day, doesn’t it? 🙂

Everybody has different ways of documenting their travel experiences, be it souvenirs, sketches or pictures of the sights. Mine happens to be through the my food I eat.  I feel like you can really touch the core of the culture at any place through its food and my love of food has helped me gain some beautiful everlasting memories. 


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