Why Singapore is place to eat. 

10 years ago you probably wouldn’t think of Singapore as a food paradise. You were probably right. But since then it has undergone a cosmic transformation. Asia has become the financial hub of the world   & as a result of this Singapore has seen a wave of immigrants who have come and settled there from all over the world!

Naturally this has brought with it food from every possible cuisine you can think of. You name it, you got it! It’s amazing the kind of options this small city/country offers people  – from the traditional Asian fares to wonderful French bistros, breweries, gastro pubs and even the classics like cheeseburgers and Italian comfort food! Yes, Singapore is also insanely expensive but that doesn’t limit your food options at all.

If you aren’t too fond of Asian food, let me give you a variety of other options to indulge in.

Head over to Marché for a traditional Swiss and overall European experience. Here we have lamb chops with a roast jacket potato

Tha amazing seafood paella at Marché is not to be missed !


One of my absolute favourites was getting cheeseburgers and cheese fries at Omakase which is a small outlet in the Wizma mall on Orchard road. It definitely gives a real American burger a run for its money!


One of the more swanky and unique places to try is Level 33 which is in the CBD and has a gourmet menu along with an in-house brewery. The biggest selling point though is the absolutely spectacular view it offers!

If you like experimenting with your food, try something offbeat like Escargot! This Picture is from a tiny little French bistro called Bruno’s in Katong . Their food is a must-try for French food lovers

You can always go back to basics like Italian anywhere in Singapore. There is a vast choice of Italian restaurant s serving up delicious food so when you crave comfort food go for a plate of spaghetti with meat ragout like me!

Now coming to desserts!!! There’s so many directions you can go! Top to bottom: these fresh fruit tarts at Fruit Paradise in Vivo City are my absolute favorite thing to eat, then there are your more decadent options like this amazing chocolate lava cake with vanilla bean ice cream, or a twist in the regulars with ice cream flavours like passion fruit, mocha and avocado!

No matter what your food preferences are, I assure you Singapore has you covered. This city is steadily building itself up to be an international food hub, attracting some truly brilliant talent. If food forms a major part of your travel, Singapore should be your next destination! Enjoy!


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