Swiss Bliss.

Welcome to one of the most expensive countries the world has to offer! Switzerland is one of those vacations that will definitely burn your pocket right up! Having said that, it will also be a trip that will leave you dumbfounded by its sheer beauty. Arguably Europe’s most beautiful country, Switzerland seems to be laid out like a picture-perfect postcard from end to end. Not an inch out of place! I’m not saying there’s no place more beautiful, but this will definitely be in the top 5 of that list.


I’ve wanted to visit Switzerland for as long as I can remember, probably since the time I’ve seen DDLJ 😛 (don’t judge, all you romantics totally get me!). Yes, it’s the perfect honeymoon destination, but there’s plenty to see and do for families as well. While I visited for just about a week, it is very easy to stay for a couple of weeks or a month and still not be bored (if you have the money, that is!).


DDLJ fields? 😀

The entire country is very well-connected by the public transport, so getting around really isn’t that much of a problem. But if I’m being honest, the best way to really see all that Switzerland has to offer is by road. It’s just easier to travel by car, simply because it gives you flexibility to travel at your own leisure and (now this I highly recommend!) maybe even take a small detour here and there 🙂

Remember all those pictures and movies you saw where you thought that such beauty is almost impossible? I guarantee you will never be happier to admit that you were wrong.

Immensely blessed by nature, the beautiful Swiss countryside is such a treat for the eyes and the soul that it’s very hard to feel anything but bliss when you see it all. Beautiful green pastures spread like a velvety carpet all across the country with its idyllic cottages strewn on the landscape with the magnificent Swiss Alps providing a breathtaking backdrop; it’s like an artist has painted a scenery on a canvas and struck perfection!  Cows graze happily along the lush green pastures will their cowbells tinkling away and every so often, church bells chime gloriously. I swear, there’s a point where you almost feel as if you were in the Sound of Music or Heidi or something, it’s just so surreal!


The perfect Swiss countryside

For the most part of our stay, we stayed in Engelberg, which is a small town set at the foot of Mount Titlis.We drove to Engelberg from Zurich and took a small detour to Bern, which is the capital city. Bern is one of those cities that will transport you back in time with its old-world charm and stunning architecture and is a must-visit. It’s a perfect location, simply because Luzern and Interlaken are only a short drive away and make for good day trips. We decided to rent an apartment in Engelberg, which is slightly more expensive but it was beautifully placed in the countryside with a view of the Alps from every window in the place so it really is worth it. The best part was that it was a 5 minute-walk away from the cable cars that take you up to Mount Titlis, which is one of the most famous peaks in Switzerland. Spend a day up here as there are lots of really fun sports and activities to do up here.


On top of Mount Titlis

Switzerland has over 1400 lakes spread out all over the country and each one is a sight as magnificent as the other. They make road-tripping across Switzerland worth your while and are perfectly situated surrounded by lush greenery and those beautiful Swiss houses. You can even take boat-rides along some of the larger lakes. And for all the Indians, there’s a Chopra lake in Switzerland in the Aplenrausch named after Yash Chopra himself because he shot so many times in Switzerland!


One of the many beautiful lakes


Lake Luzern and the 14th century Kapellbrücke

And now, let’s talk about the most obvious things everyone thinks about when you mention Switzerland — cheese, chocolates and watches. You can REEEEAALYYY indulge here, except maybe the watches because it might take up the entire budget of your trip and some more! 😛 But the chocolates and the cheese, YES. Being known as the world’s best chocolatiers is a matter of great pride for the Swiss and they take their art very seriously. You can choose from a horde of options – milk, white, dark, semi-sweet, center-filled etc. Swiss chocolates are beyond delicious and make really great gifts too. There are cheese and chocolate factories all over the country and you can take tours almost in all of them and they always end in tasting rooms! Switzerland also produces over 400 varieties of cheese so indulge in a traditional fondue or as an accompaniment with a glass of wine.


Bern old city center (Altstadt)

I could go on and on! I know it’s really expensive and tends to really scare travelers away, but Switzerland is a plunge you should take at least once in your life. It’s not too often that you get to experience heaven on earth 🙂




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