IMG_4910I think I always had the travel bug. It all started when my parents surprised me with a vacation to England 10 years ago to celebrate the end of my 10th grade exams, one of the many milestones of the Indian education system. This was really the first time I would be travelling so far away, the only other vacation abroad being to Singapore 2 years prior to this- and let’s face it; Singapore wasn’t then what it is now so obviously, I couldn’t contain my excitement for this one.

I remember that journey so well! My sister and I were travelling with our mother up to London together. 2 highlights of the flight – the wonderfully red – colored orange juice they served on the flight; and a point just about 15 minutes before the flights landed…and my mother turned to me and said “Look out the window…this is your first ever sight of Europe!” I didn’t realized how broad my smile was at that moment myself but I knew this was something special. You never forget that first moment and it was…….

Ever since my first time there, I have been fascinated by Europe and its all-consuming beauty. I have never seen a place so dreamy, like a page out of those fairy tales your parents read to you when you were a kid! I will take every chance I can get to see and travel around as much for Europe as possible. From the beautiful castles in Germany, the Waffle stands in Belgium, all the way to the Tower Bridge in London – there’s something magical that envelops you while walking on those cobblestone streets. It’s a love affair that will last forever and always leaves you asking for more.

That’s the thing about travel…it never ceases to amaze. So many different ways to travel to so many different places, and each time, unfalliably, you come back with memories that will more often than not, last you a lifetime. Of course there are some bad experiences as well, but they ARE experiences nonetheless. It helps shape your personality and who you are, it makes you smart and teaches you the ways of the world. The most important part – you always look amazing when you come back from a good vacation, no matter what the duration may have been. You look happier and de-stressed. It’s basically the excuse I use to travel whenever I can!

Over my next few posts. I want to share my travel experiences with you. I am only 24 years and my travelling days are anything but behind me, but I HAVE seen my fair share of the world and I have been hooked to each journey every minute of the way. This is my outlet to putting words to my memories. Travel is something that has gotten me out of some bad phases in life and given me a whole new perspective of looking at it and I hope it will do the some for you. So take a page out of my book, if it helps and go see the world!


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